12 rappers, 8 states, 1 cause: 'Northeast Cypher 2020'

The hip-hop music video, to be released on Christmas Eve, is featuring at least one rapper from each state of the northeast, making it the first time that such a video is being made.
12 rappers, 8 states, 1 cause: 'Northeast Cypher 2020'
Northeast Cypher 2020

By Ladiangti Rani and Aparmita Das

Shillong: Northeast India, apart from the natural beauty, is well-known for its tryst with music. All its eight states have seen many talented artists rise to national platforms and awe the audience with their rhythm and harmony.

That being said, over the years, hip-hop has sealed its place in the region and is here to stay. The gung ho rap beats, including that of (L) Michael M Sailo, Khasi Bloodz and 97 rhymes, have collectively acquired global recognition for the region.

Taking this legacy forward, twelve hip-hop artists across the northeast have come forward this time to collaborate on a music video titled "Northeast Cypher 2020," releasing on December 24 on platforms including YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

This is the first time that a hip-hop music video is being made, where at least one rapper from each state of northeast is being represented.

Speaking to TNT-The Northeast Today, Arunachal Pradesh rap artist K4Kekho said that the idea behind the video is to capture situations and perspectives about the northeast from people of different backgrounds, in the hope that when all such artists combine " the voice would be louder."

"When it comes to hip-hop, northeast has always been an active participant since the very beginning. Yet, the nation never talks about the scene much. Maybe it is because of the lack of relatable content and emotional connection since the culture we represent is different from the rest of the country," K4Kekho said.

"When I received a call regarding the cypher from a fellow rapper, Borkung Hrangkhawl, I knew this opportunity was an opportunity of a lifetime. What could be more precious than to be among the future fellow northeast hip-hop legends in the first-ever northeast cypher music video? It is history in the making."

The pandemic, though it brought its own share of difficulties for the artists, did not deter their target of production. Each artist recorded the music video individually and all of it was compiled by a Meghalaya-based music producer named ‘Spider.’

When asked what the music video means for the future of hip-hop music in the region, K4Kekho said, "This is huge for us and the northeast hip-hop scene. We are trying to create a legacy that would stay and hopefully be continued.”

Here are the rap artists who will be featuring in the video:

1. Apuia aka A.P. [Mizoram]

2. Borkung Hrangkhawl aka BK [Tripura]

3. Freakyy [Tripura]

4. Jelo [Mizoram]

5. K4 Kekho [Arunachal Pradesh]

6. Kabir [Meghalaya]

7. Moko Koza [Nagaland]

8. Moksh [Meghalaya]

9. Sikdar [Assam]

10. UNB [Sikkim

11. Yelhomie [Manipur]

12. Young Dirrt [Manipur]

(Edited by Anirban Paul)


Northeast Cypher 2020
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