Review: Virie & Zaza music video – Down that Road

Review: Virie & Zaza music video – Down that Road
Virie & Zaza

Virie and Zaza both of whom were solo artists before forming a duet. It is be noted that Virie became a household name when her cover of Lorde's hit single, Yellow Flicker Beat went viral and her debut single featuring Polar Lights Silver Lining Skies bagged her the Best Collaboration of the Year in the first ever Indihut Music Awards last year and also the Best Rock Song award at Music Awards of Nagaland. And Zaza who has worked and featured with prominent artists such as Big Deal, Xtacy-Sash and MC Zing and with the release of her hit single A Li'l Taste which bagged her the Best Pop Song award at the Music Awards of Nagaland. – Inputs from Indihut.

On March 26 they released their official music video Down that road featuring Temjen Jamir.

The song will make you feel as if you're sitting around a camp fire with friends and family members listening to tales from the past. It is really soothing, it is like that moment when you look up to the sky in a moonlit night and everything just transfixed to the thought of one person, there's a connotation of joy, melancholy and nostalgia. It's a beautiful song with an emotional tune to it, complimented by voices of gentleness.

Mebanaibor Nengnong (Music handler) of TNT – The Northeast Today said – "When I listen to the song Down that road, I feel like I'm sitting around a camp fire with family members and friends, listening to story telling tales. It's so soothing, it's like staring at the sky in a moon lit night and everything transfixed to just one thought, joy but something's missing and thus I close my eyes and imagine. Such a beautiful song, it is really emotional."

Here's the video:

To get a copy of the song go to –

(by Mebanaibor Nengnong)

Video: YouTube| virie

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