Tripura Governor says ‘Misguided’ students will turn radical if not educated properly

Tripura Governor says ‘Misguided’ students will turn radical if not educated properly

Agartala, April 3: Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy on Monday said a section of young students were falling prey to radicalism as they are being misguided by "centrifugal forces" attempting to split the nation and stressed proper education and awareness against this.

"There are always some such cases. What do you do about them? In the middle of the Second World War, there were people in England who supported Nazism. They went to jail.I would say that these people also ought be sent to jail or since they are of very tender age, they ought be educated properly. They are misguided. They do not know the first thing about the country or about the centrifugal forces that are trying to split the country," he said at a book launch event here.

Dismissing the "Azadi" slogans raised by a section of Jadavpur University students at an event here on Sunday as "unimportant", the former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) West Bengal unit president said these students are ignorant about the essence of integrity that India has practised for so long.

"A few students here and there were shouting slogans. It is of no importance. I took no notice of it," said Roy.

"These students are totally ignorant about the essence of the country, the way this country has stayed together in spite of so many centrifugal forces working against it. They are young boys and girls who are misguided by some cheap sloganeering," he added.

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