Tripura Governor claims that he is not secular but a Hindu

Tripura Governor claims that he is not secular but a Hindu

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The Tripura Governor is a man who has always had a ear for news , be it when he was West Bengal President of the BJP or even in his earlier days as a RSS member.

But as the Tripura governor Tathagata Roy has landed himself in hot soup while replying to a tweet on the micro blogging site Twitter .Roy responded to another user and said "Whatever gives you the notion I am secular? I am Hindu".This respone was not well received  by many who consider that as a head of state he should be above religious preference.

Reacting to the tweet the State Congress spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha commented that it was not acceptable for a Constitutional functionary to comment against the Constitution.According to Sinha the duty of the governor is to protect the Constitution while  Bijan Dhar the CPM general attacked saying " This is a BJP -RSS man.He is very much proud of that. And to the BJP-RSS, secularism is Hinduism…It is not proper to express such things in public, but it is Roy's personal opinion. He is dishonoring the Constitution but at the same time he is honoring the BJP-RSS's communal politics."

The argument all began when Dubai based Arun Nambiar a self claimed Marxist fighting the Fascist Indian Government posted a screen shot of Tathagata and commented Sheikh Hasina recently told the Hindus living in Bangladesh that they should not demean themselves by saying they are a minority she further says they will live here because it is their motherland, Nambiar further writes that Bangladesh is giving Tathagata Roy a lesson in secularism.

It is to to tweet that Tathagata replied "What gives you the notion that i am secular ? i am Hindu ,however my state is secular since 1976.

However the Tripura Governor is his defense has tweeted clarifying his position , but many are unhappy with his stance on various subjects largely which deal with faith amongst the Christians and Muslims .

Earlier as well the Governor of Tripura was in a bit of a soup because he had called everyone who attended Yakub Menon funeral as possible terrorists

(By Evacara Hyniewta)

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