Stunt bikers clog Sohra roads

Stunt bikers clog Sohra roads

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SHILLONG: Have you ever taken a drive to Sohra on a Sunday evening? Bikers mostly from Shillong find it to be the best spot to push their two wheelers to the extreme enjoying the curvy ride to Sohra which is a beautiful stretch of black-topped track with picturesque sceneries.

Driving on this road is certainly an experience to remember but the road is dangerous too as these roads have deep gorges and are not the perfect place for bikers to perform stunts or to test the upper speed limits of their motors. Certain groups of young bikers can be seen performing daredevil stunts and other thrills along the treacherous road risking their lives and throwing the lives of others into jeopardy.

Bike stunts would sweep anyone of their feet, it requires proper skill and training but why would anyone choose to train on a dangerous highway like Sohra. Many times young bikers have met with deadly accidents but still some over-excited youths, who are at the peak of their youth, often send pedestrians into a tizzy with their stunts.

The police though are aware of the fact that many unruly bikers visit the area especially on Sundays and often conduct surprise checks to catch such unruly people who does not respect the traffic laws. But till date, the police have not been able to check on these bikers. These young riders continue to perform deadly stunts along the highway. Such acts are bound to create serious mishaps sooner than later.

The Superintendent of Police, after receiving numerous complaints has assured that there will be surprise checks and penalty would be imposed on erring drivers. It remains to be seen if such a move turns out to be successful!

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