Shillong: KHADC stern on declaring Pine plantation as reserve forest

Shillong: KHADC stern on declaring Pine plantation as reserve forest

SHILLONG: The KHADC has taken a stand and decided  that the lush pine plantation "Law Syiem" at Lum Mawpat will still be "Law Adong" or a reserve forest even though the Hima Mylliem has decided to scrap the agreement.

The CEM said that the decision to sign the agreement was decided by both the KHADC and Hima Mylliem and therefore they  will not allow the Hima Mylliem to take the decision when it comes to the Law Syiem he further adds that  they expect the Hima Mylliem to take them  into confidence while taking any kind of decision on this particular forest cover.

According to him, one of the clauses in the agreement has clearly stated that, both the KHADC and the Hima Mylliem shall jointly be responsible for regulation, management, maintenance and conservation of the 'Law Adong'.

Syiem also informed that they have also receive a letter from the from the office of Hima Mylliem which was signed by the Deputy Syiem, Thwelson Manik Syiem to the KHADC on July 14 urging the Council to scrap the agreement.

"We will not allow that the agreement is scrap at any cost. We are very clear that the decision to convert the "Law Syiem" into "Law Adong" needs to be respected by both the parties," he added.The KHADC CEM also said that they have also replied to the letter of the Hima Mylliem by making its stand clear that it will not in any way withdraw or scrap the agreement.

It may be mentioned that on May 22 last year, Mylliem Syiemship represented by the Syiem and the Myntris had entered into an agreement with the KHADC represented by the CEM and EM Forest to jointly manage the Pine Forest and convert it into a 'Law Adong' (Reserved Forest by which no one is allowed to touch the pine trees and other species including shrubs or cause wild fire).

Later, both the parties also declared the Mawpat forest as 'Law Adong' or 'Reserve Forest' on June 5, 2014, which coincides with the World Environment Day celebrations in the state.

Meanwhile, the Executive Member in-charge Forest Grace Mary Kharpuri has also questioned the motive behind the decision of the Hima Mylliem to scrap the agreement and instead retain the forest as 'Law Syiem'.She further informed that the district council has already sanction fund of Rs 16 lakhs for construction of the proposed forest quarter at Lum Mawpat, the aim of which is to ensure that the forest is protected.

Questions also arises on the authenticity of the letter sent which was signed by the Syiem of Hima Mylliem and  yet was sent by the deputy Syiem .

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