Meghalaya HC directs GHADC to work on payment of salaries to employees

Meghalaya HC directs GHADC to work on payment of salaries to employees
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TURA | SEPT 24, 2020:

The High Court of Meghalaya has asked the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) to work on payment of salaries to employees of the council and to inform the same to the court within two weeks.

The order of the court, on September 21, in the case of the Non-Gazetted Employees Association (NGEA) of the council approaching the court over the non-payment of salaries for over two years. The matter had initially been sorted out earlier with the GHADC promising to make monthly salary payments, however, the court invoked contempt of its order after the NGEA approached it.

In its latest order uploaded to the website today, the court refused to excuse the GHADC for not having the finances to pay salaries to its employees. The GHADC is being represented by S Dey with PT Sangma being the lawyer for the NGEA.

As per the order, the court noted that the contempt petition was filed alleging breach of the order dated 19- 09-2016, wherein the petitioners (NGEA) and the respondents (GHADC) had agreed to amicably sort out the situation and ensure that regular payments are to be made. However, with this not being done by the GHADC authorities, the court pointed out contempt.

The court noted that since April 2018 no salaries had been paid. While this was agreed to by the GHADC, they, however, cited that it was not willful disobedience.

"Respondents are at liberty to raise the funds and for that purpose, they can ask the State Government for the funds. Admittedly, members of the petitioners are working and discharging their duties with the respondents and despite that, they are not paid their salaries for more than two years," stated the order by the Court.

Furthermore, as the GHADC counsel requested time to consult with his client on the matter, time was given by the Court.


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