Media persons manhandled during Amit Shah’s visit to Meghalaya

Media persons manhandled during Amit Shah’s visit to Meghalaya

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SHILLONG: Empty streets, ridiculing songs, angry media persons and a fickle weather greeted the national president of BJP, Amit Shah during his maiden visit to Meghalaya. However, the 'beef party' that made headlines greeted the BJP chief in a dramatic manner with songs like 'Our message to you Modi!!!', ridiculing the BJP for its alleged anti-minority ideals along with placards and banners that read 'Pick one, ban culture or bandh culture', 'Made in India, BJP fascism', 'We love beef and riots too', '"Amit Shah, Go back to Jail'.

Meanwhile, Shah attended a meeting with the party members of the state unit of BJP and held another meeting with the state religious leaders and NGOs in Shillong here on Wednesday.

However, soon after  the party meeting at Conventional Hall, when media persons approached Amit Shah for an interview, security guards shoved away media persons and manhandled some of them while Shah quietly entered his vehicle and locked himself without even turning towards the camera.

However, the National General Secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav came to Shah's rescue by agreeing to speak to the media. According to him, the party is committed towards the development of the entire region which is also the sole purpose of Shah's visit to the north eastern states.

"Other parties are also supporting the government's initiatives to strengthen the socio-economic condition of this region," Madhav said.

Commenting on the protest staged by TUR, Madhav said, "This is a democratic country, people can protest but the reasons for the protest are misplaced. The BJP is committed towards the unity and integrity of the country; pluralism is the heart of the country and every religious community will live in this country with utmost peace, safety and security."

Meanwhile, commenting on the banning of beef, Madhav  said that the ban is applicable only to a certain section of the country considering the socio-economic condition of the area and the same is not applicable to other parts of the country.

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