Manipuri girl first suspected dengue death victim in Delhi

Manipuri girl first suspected dengue death victim in Delhi

A 10-year-old Manipur native girl from south Delhi today died here in what is suspected to be the first death due to dengue in the national capital this season.

The girl, who was a student at Holy Child School in the city, was admitted to AIIMS this morning with shock syndrome and haemorrhage, doctors said.

The patient was suffering from high fever for almost a week but was not given proper medication, according to a senior doctor at AIIMS.

"The girl was admitted early in the morning today with shock syndrome and haemorrhage, dangerous complications found in dengue infection. Her condition was serious despite the treatment process being initiated she could not be saved," the doctor said.

"An ELISA test was not conducted so it is not confirmed whether she had dengue. As of now it is a suspected case of dengue death," the doctor said.

As per municipal norm, only ELISA test confirmed cases are taken in the official death count from the vector-borne disease.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation which also tabulates the entire dengue report for Delhi, however, said, it has "not received" any death report from any hospitals.

"We only by go by deaths where ELISA tests have been found positive. Even if a death has occurred at AIIMS today, we have not been notified by the hospital," the official said.

At least 53 cases of dengue were reported till end of July this year in Delhi, the highest number for the period in the last five years, according to a municipal report on the vector-borne disease released on Monday.

Of these, 36 cases were reported in July only.

The number of cases from January 1 to July 31 for the last four years are – 22 (2014), 19 (2013), 10 (2012), 25 (2011). For the same period in 2010, over 70 cases were reported.

In Delhi, out of the total 53 cases, the maximum, 20, were reported from north Delhi while east Delhi recorded the lowest number with 10 cases.

15 cases were recorded in south Delhi during the period.

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