Man beheads friend for raping his girlfriend

Man beheads friend for raping his girlfriend

A man from Grand Rapids, Minnesota has been accused of beheading his friend after he had allegedly raped his girlfriend. The accused Joseph Thoresen, 38 has been charged with second degree murder for killing David A Haiman. Thoresen's girlfriend told police that he was reportedly very upset when she told him about the rape. Haiman was then invited over by Thoresen, before the 20-year-old was accused of the rape and hit by the couple, according to a local newspaper.

The trio reportedly left to smoke marijuana with friends before smoking methamphetamine and driving into the woods. According to the police report, Thoresen then hit Haiman with a baseball bat, stabbed him in the back and the abdomen, before cutting off his head with a machete.

Police believe Thoresen then threw his friend's head into the woods. Officers found Haiman torso a day after he was reported missing, finding the head an hour later.Haiman was reported missing after he failed to turn up at work.His missing car was then spotted by police, with Thoresen in the passenger seat. The driver drove off but was caught several miles later where he told the arresting officer Thoresen had threatened him with a knife.

(source: NDTV)

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