IIT Kharagpur tips on Solid Waste management in COVID times

IIT Kharagpur tips on Solid Waste management in COVID times


IIT Kharagpur researchers have come up with a set of recommendations for managing solid waste, including biomedical and plastic waste which causes environmental problems during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The researchers have led to the formulation of the recommendations which include the adoption of "eco-friendly bioplastics and biodegradable materials with higher recyclability", the institute said in a statement on Saturday.

The study, led by Prof Brajesh Kumar Dubey of IIT Kharagpur's Department of Civil Engineering, emphasised on sustainable technologies and development of green business models by analysing economic prospects in the post-pandemic world.

"The post-COVID-19 world would need a systems-level approach on a global scale to address the issue of solid waste management and protect our environment with low carbon footprint," Dubey was quoted as saying in the statement.

Artificial Intelligence-powered sustainable technologies can also be deployed to manage efficient sorting and recycling of waste.

This shall be further supported through "refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle" mantra of the circular economy, he added.

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