GNLA alleges High Court of Meghalaya to be under CM’s spell

GNLA alleges High Court of Meghalaya to be under CM’s spell

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TURA: The Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) has accused the Department of Justice, alleging that the High Court of Meghalaya is now under the spell of the Chief minister as the citizens of the state are not being able to criticise, stage peaceful demonstration, and are unable to conduct peaceful rallies.

They said that citizens are not being able to voice out or write against the government's wrong doings, adding that the Media/Press is even suppressed. They stated that even for calling bandhs, people get arrested, manhandled, so much so that even elderly women are not spared.

They said that there is no freedom of speech, stating that when NGOs protest against the government's wrong doings democraticaly they are booked and arrested. They blamed the government of being unconstitutional for extending GHADC election term.

"Public are manhandled while going in for peaceful demonstrations. Now the media is banned from publishing bandh calls by NGOs and any other organisations. The state of Meghalaya has suddenly come under the spell of a dictator," the GNLA Joint Publicity Secretary said.

"It is time for a change. The rule of an egoistic person whose tribal identity to be as Garo which is lying under the hounarable SC for his fraudulance and cheating must go. It is time for his exit. He should be booked and sent to jail for cheating the whole Garo community. His followers in Garo hills who are duping the public must be changed," they added.

"No matter how much suppression this govt. may impose on the citizens, it cannot stop their constitutional rights. All are Indians. As Indians everyone has their constitutional rights to voice, protest, criticise, stage dharnas, hunger strike, hold peaceful rallies democratically etc. in a rightful way," they said.

"Sadly, as it is banned by the High Court now, the media may not publish bandh calls conveyed by us through scribes and journalists. However, if bandhs were to be called at any time by us, we will convey through posters," the Joint Publicity Secretary added in his statement.

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