Bollywood reactions amidst the ban on pornography

Bollywood reactions amidst  the ban on pornography

The ban on the pornographic sites in India has created quite a stir, people who support it are a few in number while majority feels that the ban on pornographic sites will only lead to rise in the sale of Porn in the black market. The Bollywood stars have their fair share in tweeting their opinions on the matter.Here are the opinion from few of the stars

Amid the hullabaloo over ban on porn in India,Imran Khan has said that banning pornography is a futile exercise as it's not possible to ban it. He added that people who want to watch it will watch it, and soon there will be a huge black market for it as people will sell it illegally which will be equal to creating new opportunities for new criminals.

Agreeing with Imran's statement, Kangana Ranaut said that every individual can take his own call.

Sunny Leone is a household name today, and the former adult film star, who made her appearance on Indian screens with reality TV show Bigg Boss and followed suit with Bollywood films, seems to have taken a subtle stance against the porn ban. The Ek Paheli Leela actress posed with her husband Daniel Weber and posted the picture on micro-blogging site Twitter. What made the photograph interesting was Daniel's vest and Sunny's tweet,which reads "Sex sells ".

However, it is the tweet by Kalki Koechlin which is probably the most interesting. This will either leave you in splits or at least bring a smile on your face. She tweeted, "Look what I found!" with the above picture attached along.

Ram Gopal Verma tweeted, "Considering the sheer popularity of porn whichever government owns up to banning it is sure to be wiped out of existence in next election. Government should work on finding ways to steer the content not to go in wrong directions rather than to block it. To deprive consenting adults of the harmless fun they are having of watching porn is equivalent of what Taliban and ISIS is doing to freedom. To ban porn saying it will be seen by who shouldn't see it is like saying to stop traffic because there will be accidents. The best way to tackle a presumed menace is to bring it out in open rather than pushing it under the rug or pretending it doesn't exist. It's a proven fact by international surveys that instead of fuelling sexual crimes porn actually provides safer outlet for sexual repression."

Director Hansal Mehta tweeted, "Dear govt of India. Abolish Article 21 and shut those who say your ban on porn is unconstitutional.

Composer-singer, Vishal Dadlani, too, reacted by tweeting, "I wouldn't be surprised (about the pornban). Ironically, banned by the same party whose MPs were caught watching porn in parliament."

Sonam Kapoor tweeted, "Ban idiots who think banning things is going to make a difference to Indian mentality.."

Chetan Bhagat criticised the government's decision to make porn sites inaccessible in India, and called it an anti-freedom and impractical move. "Porn ban is anti-freedom, impractical, not enforceable. Politically not very smart too. Avoidable. Let's not manage people's private lives," Chetan Bhagat said on the micro-blogging site Twitter. "Don't ban porn. Ban men ogling, leering, brushing past, groping, molesting, abusing, humiliating and raping women. Ban non-consent. Not sex," he added.

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