6 ruthless murderers who were never caught

6 ruthless murderers who were never caught

Bible John

Three women were murdered in Scotland during 1968-1969 after attending the Barrowland Ballroom. The investigation pointed towards convicted serial killer, Peter Tobin, who killed women in the same area. However, he was never tried for the crimes.

The Babysitter

You know you have succeeded as a serial killer if your criminal act caused a huge stir and hysteria among the hearts of the people. The Babysitter had done it in less than 13 months back in 1976 when he kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused, and finally strangled four children in Detroit, Michigan. He may have only killed four victims, but you see all of them were children.

Charlie Chop-off

Charlie has four victims under his name. All of his victims were young boys. His moniker would probably give you an idea why this guy made the list, especially if you're a male reading an article about people who murder people. Yes, you're right if you guessed he chopped off the reproductive organs of his victims. Charlie had a very distinct style of murder. He would stab his young victims 38 times, before finally removing the male reproductive organ. The last victim's organ wasn't detached which was either a show of sympathy, or a sick joke. The case remains to be open

Zodiac Killer

According to the police, he started killing in 1966 in Northern California with two of his victims surviving to tell the tale. Zody attacked anyone, especially couples. He taunted the police with letters and phone calls. His letters by the way were so cryptic, and were sealed with his infamous trademark. One advantage of Zody was that he has his own logo – a circle and a cross on top of it. In one of his letters to the police, the Zodiac killer admitted killing as many as 37 people.

The Bone Collector

The killing spree started in 2003 in West Mesa. Why is he called the 'Bone Collector?' It was because the Police unearthed 11 bodies of murdered women in 2009 from the desert including a fetus, all piled up like logs. Nobody was ever arrested, but there were multiple suspects, two of which died before 2009.  To this day, no one really knows the identity of the killer.

Cleveland Torso murderer

The Cleveland Torso Murderer has another nickname: the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run who killed 12-to-15 men and women and left their bodies dismembered throughout Ohio. The crimes took place throughout the '30s. Many of the victims were so badly cut up that they couldn't be identified.

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