Tripura Medical College interns protest to demand honorarium hike

Tripura Medical College interns protest to demand honorarium hike

From Our Reporter | September 24, 2018

'Stop capitalism-start equalism', 'healers should not get chillars', 'you say no hike we say no work', 'a fair days wage for a fair day work' and slogans like these echoed as the internees of Tripura Medical College (TMC) today staged protest in demand of salary hike.

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The internee doctors who are getting an honarium of Rs 12,500 per month raised their voices to demand of hike in their honorarium. It is to be mentioned that the fees of pursuing MBBS in TMC has been almost doubled which is around 40 lakhs but the fees of the doctors and other technical or non-technical staff has remained the same.

A total of 82 internee doctors raised voice in demand of hike thereby affecting the health service in the hospital. As the internees were sitting in protest, the patients were seen standing in distress.

Demanding hike, the internee doctors stated that they have been working day and night but the honorarium they are getting is very less. They also stated that if their demand is not fulfilled in the coming days they will stage a massive protest.

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