Tripura : man from Unokoti threatens to blow up Christian Medical College in Vellore

Tripura : man from Unokoti threatens to blow up Christian Medical College in Vellore

A 37-year-old man arrested for making hoax bomb threats to Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore last October slipped away from police escorts while he was being taken in a train to Lucknow on Wednesday night. He reportedly got off the train at Itarsi railway station in Madhya Pradesh.

Syed Ahmed Ali, a resident of Tripura, was arrested by Vellore police on October 16 after he made two bomb threat calls to CMC on October 14. Initially, it was suspected he had terror links as he possessed nearly 10 SIM cards.

However, investigation ruled out that he had any terror links, and that he was terminally ill with cancer, police said.

Syed Ahmed Ali hails from Tripua and from the Unokoti district .

Ali has a history of issuing fake bomb threats to various places. He reportedly threatened to blow up Taj Mahal, and a dargah in Ajmer and was being searched by police. Following the call to CMC, Vellore North police traced and arrested him. He was lodged in the Vellore Central Prison for Men.

On the night of January 19, a team of six police personnel led by a sub-inspector had escorted him in Raptisagar Express for a court hearing in Lucknow. They boarded the train at Katpadi.

"This hearing was in connection with a bomb threat call to railway police. He was to be produced before the Additional Chief Magistrate Court, Lucknow for the hearing. The team left with him on January 19 and was supposed to reach Lucknow on 9.30 a.m. on Thursday. He escaped from the train around 11 p.m.," a senior police official said.

It remains unclear as to how Ali escaped from the police personnel. There were many versions on his escape from the police escort team. Some said he had slipped away when three police men had alighted to have tea, while the other three were engaged in a conversation with railway police personnel, sources said.

He had come to the CMC for treatment. After he failed to get an appointment, he made the threat calls to the hospital. Ali had also made calls to authorities that he would blow up a dargah in Ajmer and the Taj Mahal. The police were on the look out for him.

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