Failure of digital empowerment in Northeast India

Failure of digital empowerment in Northeast India

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North East India which is culturally and ecologically rich is still lagging behind on digital connectivity, privatization in the field of information and communication which should be far reaching is impoverishing the many tribes in North East India due to poor execution of government initiatives. How far the tentacles of globalized information and communication would reach the rural masses of the region is still unknown.


1. The North-East is landlocked and poorly connected with the outside world  which hampers investors and skilled labour from gaining the upper hand. Communication technology can play a crucial role in overcoming its geographical exclusion and help develop and market its arts and crafts and horticultural products

2. Governments of the region have non functional websites.

3. The creativity of entrepreneurs is deprived of using the World Wide Web to boost trade and commerce.

4. Innovation through digital medium is poor.

5. Topography of places such as Meghalaya and Sikkim ensure on the contrary that the induction of Internet is not an easy task.


North East India can be the centre of attraction for pulling private sector investments, capacity building measures on priority basis would usher new developmental technology. The Northeast region in itself has a strong English speaking base and with the induction of smart classrooms and improvement in curriculum it would overcome geographical exclusion raising the bar into a strong economic force.

Sikkim is a perfect example with an area of only 7096 square kilometers and a rugged topography have taken interest in pulling investors from business process outsourcing companies to change the overall digital landscape being a potential game changer for the rest of the north eastern region.

Are things going the right way? Hope so the revolution has bypassed the North East region it depends on the speed of development and acceptance to ambitious programmes as the life of countless youth and entrepreneurs are waiting for the wave of revolution to change their livelihood.

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