A dramatic welcome for BJP president, Amit Shah in Meghalaya

A dramatic welcome for BJP president, Amit Shah in Meghalaya


SHILLONG: Empty streets, ridiculing songs, angry media persons and a fickle weather greeted the national president of BJP, Amit Shah during his maiden visit to Meghalaya.

Topping the list, the 'Beef party' became a catchy headline not only for the print and electronic media, but also the common people of the state.

What looked like a peaceful, joyous demonstration, the beef party was however, filled with songs like 'Our message to you Modi!!!', which ridiculed the BJP for its alleged anti-minority ideals along with placards and banners that read 'Pick one, ban culture or bandh culture', 'Made in India, BJP fascism', 'We love beef and riots too', '"Amit Shah, Go back to Jail'.

The protest led by a pressure group Thma U Rangli-Juki (TUR) was staged to oppose the BJP for their ideals, religious politics and spate of discriminating activities that occurred in the country against the minority communities.

The 'beef party' was held near the State BJP office, wherein issues pertaining to the attack by Sangh Parivar outfits on democratic and secular ideals were discussed besides a hearty lunch served with beef on the road outside the Raj Bhavan.

(Photos: Ezra Rynjah)

"We are peaceful people and we don't like these 'Ambassadors of Hate' coming to our town and the protest is to show that we are against all of their hate campaigns. The protest was specifically held today as Amit Shah symbolises BJP," TUR convener Angela Ryngad said adding that they will not tolerate any of their anti-people policies, 'And in Meghalaya, it is very important for us to show that we do not welcome such criminals,' she added.

In the meantime, Shah attended a meeting with the party members of the state unit of BJP and held another meeting with the state religious leaders and NGOs in Shillong here on Wednesday.

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