TNT Poems | ‘Guest Friends’ by Priyanka S Raj

TNT Poems | ‘Guest Friends’ by Priyanka S Raj

TNT POEMS | September 26, 2018:

The poem is written in a context of the 21st century growing strange traffic on social media sites and eventually trying to become guest friends, due to which some younger generation falls into danger prey and become victim's.
It also focuses on and highlights the Privacy concern we face due to the breaching of data over social media especially Facebook, and getting an unknown friend request and messages spamming the innocence of Friendship.

I hope this poem will clear up the air blowing in the wrong direction to some extent and create an awareness among our young people and be blown away by any fantasy.

This poem is a Humor Poetry and has no intention to hurt anyone feelings or emotions.

'Guest Friends'

Bunch of strangers everyday stop by ..alike sliders
To my little cottage, built near to the seaside
And each time, knock down the wooden doors
Which I tend to open, for any unknown road riders

To my great disappointment, failed to lock
the backyard doors, sneaking and hiding behind the halls
For once, I got scared but dare to rock the ball
With inbuilt weapons, used my force hard to break the walls

The time arrived to welcome the Guest
Trying to become a forceful acquaintance
Isn't quite embarrassing, trying to flirt besides pools
For the sake of modernity, playing silly game alike fools

Prepared  to teach a great lesson this weekend
To get rid of  from unwelcome guest
using beauty and brains;
Certainly to trash, forever into big drains
Leaving no stain on my beautiful Paradise; with a strange end!

By Priyanka S Raj

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