Why no B-schools or technical institutes can be set up under the Communist mindset

Why no B-schools or technical institutes can be set up under the Communist mindset

AGARTALA: Tripura has the potential to broaden the education sector through private initiatives. However, the sector is lagging behind in the regime of the state's Left Front head Manik Sarkar and his Marxist leaders. The government had never taken any initiatives to broaden the prospect of education by thinking to set up technical institutions rather than general degree college.
Some of the factors why no entrepreneurs are unwilling to set up private colleges are given below:
1.       Ancient mind-set of the Marxist leaders : The 'mind-set' of the Marxist government is backward. Therefore, technology was never promoted. They believe that the introduction of technology will destroy the reading habit of the students and transform them into machines.

2.      Education related facilities are not up-to-date: The government is still a failure in enhancing education related basic infrastructures to attract students from outside Tripura.

3.      Govt's failure to invite private entrepreneurs for setting up institutes: The Government has failed to invite private entrepreneurs to come forward to increase the number of skilled students through setting up of technical colleges here.

4.      Lack of qualified technical faculty members:  There is shortage of educated and trained technical faculty members in the state. As there is need for continuous improvement in curriculum to meet the changing education needs, industry practitioners, well-known academicians and researchers should meet to chalk out plan of action. Tripura is lagging behind in this sector.

5.      Poor telecommunication service in the state: Telecommunication services are equally important to run a technical institute,
especially when it is not restricted to book oriented courses. Unfortunately, internet service is very poor in the northeastern region, especially in Tripura which poses hazardous in boosting the setting up of private institutes in the state.

6.      Railway connectivity: Unless the Indo-Bangladesh railway gets connected likely within next 2-3 years, it will be hard to attract students from outside the state.

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