Open Letter to Kanhaiya Kumar from Across the Political Spectrum

Open Letter to Kanhaiya Kumar from Across the Political Spectrum

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Dear Kanhaiya Kumar,

I'm writing to you from across the political spectrum to tell you that your speech was phenomenal and motivating. In today's political discourse where people have lost the art of grace towards others belonging to a different ideology, I don't know how my writing to you will be perceived but I just couldn't stop myself.

First things first, more power to you, Kanhaiya. Your speech gave me goosebumps and I can assure you I wasn't the only one. Since the last few years, the student community has been facing major turmoil be it Ambedkar-Periyar IIT Chennai, FTII, University of Hyderabad, CBCS et al. Some battles were fought separately but for the others, all liberal progressive student organisations had to unite in order to fight the might of the state. It is indeed heartening to see someone break the shackles and successfully turn it into a call that will reverberate for a long time. I have read and heard about the students' movements the country has seen in the past; and in these dark times, you have ignited such a passion in many students across the nation for an awakening again and for that I'm grateful.

Secondly, I'm sure you're aware that after your speech, social media was abuzz with people talking about a rekindled hope in the youth and democracy. I would like to thank you for making many Indians realize today that student movement is indeed crucial for the turning of the collective consciousness of the country. The last few weeks have seen many a calls to ban student politics from our campuses. It was a tedious task explaining to people who are unwilling to understand the battles we fight not just in our colleges and universities but also the society at large. But you've silenced many of them with your rabble rousing speech which, I am sure you will agree, won't have been possible if it were not for the political awareness and sense of responsibility that you've acquired as a student activist.

Thirdly, we have been trying since ages to drive home the point to the ABVP that they're our political opponents and not enemies just like you mentioned. But unfortunately, it falls on deaf ears and they carry on with vandalism and violence to even the extent of setting ablaze an NSUI worker in Madhya Pradesh a few years back. Now with the Central government available at their whims and fancies, the sense of impunity has risen drastically. We all are aware about Rohith Vemula's scuffle with ABVP activists which ultimately spiralled into the institutional murder; we also know the role they played in branding JNU as anti-national. If they continue to have a free hand at things, I am scared for the students of this country. Although they never listen to us, I hope at least the JNU ABVP heard you loud and clear, and will pass on the message outside the JNU campus too.

Last but not the least, if we keep on fighting with the same vigour tenaciously, the day won't be far when we achieve real Azadi from all social evils as envisioned by our Constitution.

I was reminded of these lines by Faiz after listening to you, therefore, it is apt to end this letter with it:-

"Bol ki lab azad hai tere

Bol zubaa'n ab tak teri hai

Tera sutawaa jism hai tera

Bol ki jaan ab tak teri hai"

Inquilab Zindabad

With Much Hope,

Angellica Aribam

The Northeast Today