Meghalaya: Agriculture students left in murky waters over job recruitment

Meghalaya: Agriculture students left in murky waters over job recruitment

Date: July 22, 2018


The Editor

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Respected Editor Sir/Madam

If patience is a virtue, then the bonded agriculture graduates of Meghalaya should win a prize for their continued patience in the government to recruit them to the posts of ADO, HDO, EO etc. It has already been almost a decade since the last recruitment in the department of Agriculture and Horticulture, but the situation seems far from hopeful for the hundreds of graduates who are now facing the grim reality that they may never be able to serve the state, even after signing a bond with the department, before pursuing the degrees for which the department itself had selected them.

Even though recruitment was done in 2013, it quickly turned into a scam owing to odd irregularities discovered when a case was filed against the recruiting body. However, justice prevailed when the Meghalaya High Court quashed the recruitment and ordered a fresh one instead.

But even 4 years after the court's decision, the whole recruitment process is in limbo as no one seems to care about it and it has turned into just another forgotten memory. As a result of this laid-back attitude of the government, the graduates are now facing a real challenge to be considered over aged even though they have all the required qualifications to serve in the state department.

It is because of this reason that the Meghalaya Agricultural Students and Graduates Association (MASGA), an association comprising of all bonded/stipendiary agri-horti graduates, demands an immediate recruitment to all vacant posts in the department.

Only time will tell now, whether we will ever be employed or will our hope just pass into mere oblivion

Yours faithfully, 

Meghalaya Agricultural Students and Graduates Association (MASGA)

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