Kolkata Uber driver jailed for misconduct with woman

Kolkata Uber driver jailed for misconduct with woman

KOLKATA: Being a radio cab generation we depend on cabs to ferry us to airports and near and far off places alike. Options are open from the basic cab services to midnight taxis, and cabs only for women.

Following the incident which happened last month a cab driver contracted to Uber who was charged in Kolkata for allegedly masturbating in the presence of a woman passenger in the cab.An Uber cab driver was placed under arrest in the city for allegedly misbehaving with a woman passenger,police said on Wednesday

The incident took place on Tuesday night in the Survey Park area.

"Following a complaint by the female passenger we have arrested the driver, identified as Mohammad Qurban. He has been booked for several offences including outraging the modesty of a woman," said a police officer.

According to the complaint, the driver foul mouthed the 47-year-old woman after she objected to the driver taking a detour.

On the basis of the woman's complaint the offending driver was arrested and a case has been lodged under IPC sections 504, 506, 509, he said.

With incidents like these running rampant Uber still remains one of the more popular cab services for the convenience factor of not having to worry about cash or payment at the end of your ride.


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