Baggage with “carrying bomb” sign creates unwanted chaos at airport

Baggage with “carrying bomb” sign creates unwanted chaos at airport

NEW DELHI: What may seem funny and amusing to youngsters these days often lands them as well as the people around them in trouble. The fad of looking cool and fashionable while adorning sense less stuffs often catches the eye of the public leading to unforeseen consequences. A similar scenario was witnessed when a return journey for a Kashmiri girl, a medical student in Bangladesh took an unexpected turn as she was detained at the Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi on Friday after security staff saw "carrying bomb" written on her check-in luggage.

The girl who is a resident of Rajbagh in Srinagar city, was taken for questioning after the security staff at the airport informed the police. She was travelling from Dhaka to Delhi via Kolkata.

Officials said the incident took place when the girl and her three friends, bound for Srinagar, landed at the airport from Dhaka via Kolkata about 11:00 am.

She was questioned while security agencies carried out background check at Bangladesh and Srinagar. The girl was released after everything was found in order by the police, the officials said.

The incident was flagged by former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah who took to Twitter and sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh in this regard.

"India kindly look into the matter of the detention of two Kashmiri girls at Delhi airport. Their parents are very concerned. Any assistance and information will be greatly appreciated by their families & loved ones. Thank you in anticipation," Omar tweeted.

"The grounds, as explained to me seem rather flimsy given that they flew from Dhaka to Delhi via Kolkata & then detained," he said in another tweet.

The Home Minister promptly responded with the tweet, "please send the details to"

Bilal Ahmad, the father of one of the girls, said that he attempted to seek the help of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti but was refused an audience with her.

"There were four girls who were returning from Bangladesh. They flew from Dhaka to Kolkata and then to Delhi. Their luggage was checked and cleared at all the airports," Ahmad said in Srinagar.

"After they were detained, the airport authorities or the police did not inform their families. We fear for their safety. We have only talked to them once so far," he said. The three other girls decided to stay put with their friend and did not board the flight to Srinagar and waited till she was released.

It may be noted that such cases often cause unwanted trouble to CISF security personnel stationed at the airport for the safety of the public. Hence, it is important that the people in turn become more sensitive to such issues and act in a more accepting manner especially in cases of involvement of such sensitive areas like those of Srinagar, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and other states that share their borders with other countries, it may do good to act a little more responsibly on the part of travelers, especially the youths.

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