Water crisis continues to haunt residents of Bhangmun block

Water crisis continues to haunt residents of Bhangmun block


Water crisis continues to remain the biggest problem for the residents of Bhangmun R.D. Block of Jampui Hill.

The residents have been experiencing this problem for a long time since the rule of the Left Front government and the same sees no change even after 18 months since the BJP came to power in Tripura.

Report stated that at least 250 families under Bhangmun R.D. Block, comprising of a population which is more than 2000, are suffering from crisis of drinking water.

Sources said that a drinking water machine at the locality went out of order a year ago.

A local resident of Bhangmun R.D. Block said that 250 families are struggling as the machine set up by DWS went out of order long before. He alleged that the DWS department showed no response regarding the breakdown of the water machine.

Expressing hopelessness, these 2000 residents continue to pin their hopes on the new state government, which has already completed 18 months.

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