Tripura’s ruling coalition indigenous group IPFT & BGP meets on Statehood issue

Tripura’s ruling coalition indigenous group IPFT & BGP meets on Statehood issue

AGARTALA | August 10, 2019:

A delegation of Indigenous People's Federation of Tripura (IPFT) comprising of 15 members visited the Siliguri headquarter office of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha on Saturday.

The delegation is on Gorkhaland study tour and will be meeting various social and political organisations involved in the Gorkhaland movement.

The delegation met the Secretary General of BGP, Shri Nirmal Pun and Organisation General Secretary, Akash Lama and discussed various aspects of the statehood demand movement.

Balaram Debbarman, Advisory Chairman IPFT who led the delegation after the meeting at BGP office said, "The Tripasa people have a lot to learn from Gorkhaland leaders and from it's think tank organization Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh which is spearheading the Gorkhaland movement intellectually and supporting the agitating fronts on ground with intellectual intervention."

He expressed his gratitude to National Federation of New States (NFNS) leaders which has a nation wide reach to enable them to reach out it's member organisation and study the statehood movements.

IPFT is a constituent member of National Federation for New States (NFNS) which brings together movement leaders from Gorkhaland, Bodoland, Vidharbha, and other statehood demand movements.

The delegation expressed their solidarity with the Gorkhaland movement and called for greater cooperation between the Tiprasa and Gorkhas.

Nirmal Pun, Secretary General, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha expressed Gorkhas solidarity towards statehood demand of Twipraland under the IPFT leadership and umbrella leadership of NFNS.

He was glad that an indigenous tribal group of NE state travelled all the way from Tripura to Siliguri to study about century years old homeland demand of Gorkhas so that they don't make same mistakes that Gorkhas made as it is taking so long to realise and achieve Gorkhaland.

The delegation left for Darjeeling Hills after the meeting to meet the agitating groups and political parties on ground also civil society organisations as apart of there Gorkhaland statehood study tour.

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