Tripura Govt increases MGNREGA daily wages from Rs 177 to Rs 192

Tripura Govt increases MGNREGA daily wages from Rs 177 to Rs 192

AGARTALA | June 28, 2019:

Tripura government has increased the daily wages of MGNREGA from Rs. 177 to Rs. 192 per day.

"Upto June 17 this year, a total of 35.67 lakh person days' work has been generated in the state since April 01, during last week, as per MIS report, 1073 lakh person days' employment were generated".

The report also reads that 14, 45, 946 person days have been generated in fully ADC Blocks while 14, 80, 488 person days in ADC blocks partially and 640373 person days in non-ADC blocks.

"…… thus, it may be seen that most of the work (about 82.05%) took place in ADC Blocks (partially/fully ADC). The STs constitute 31.8% of the State Population, but 53.34% of PDS were generated for STs this year", the notification said.

The notification stated that the Government of India released Rs. 121.96 crore this year for MGNREGA wage component. Out of this Rs. 104.52 crore has been spent for the payment of wages this year.

"The average wage payment was during 2019-20 is Rs. 178.74 per worker per day, which is comparable with earlier year. The notified wage rate of MGNREGA for 2019-20 has been revised to Rs. 192 and the notified wage rate for 2018-19 was Rs. 177", the notification reads.

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