Tripura: Fake online trade platforms galore; woman duped of Rs 17,000

Tripura: Fake online trade platforms galore; woman duped of Rs 17,000
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AGARTALA | Feb 23:

The mushrooming of online trade platforms has benefited a large section of individuals or family customers in the form of low prices and delivery of exact items ordered. There are the world famous organizations like 'Amazon', 'Flipcart' et al but there also a number of unscrupulous platforms launched by deceitful entrepreneurs to rob the people of valuable money without delivering the products ordered.

A glaring example of this phenomenon has come to light recently with a FIR filed by a lady Phooltui Basak, daughter of famous physiotherapist Haradhan Bask with the New Capital Complex police station.

However, the police station authority told the complainant to have the FIR filed a little later as they were short of staff and preoccupied with the PWD scam case involving former PWD minister Badal Chowdhury, former chief engineer Sunil Bhowmik and former chief secretary Yashpaul Singh.


According to the contents of the FIR, Phooltui had ordered old furnitures worth Rs 1 lakh but the OLX staff Sahil Kumar who had received the call said that he would sell the furnitures at Rs 20 thousand.

To this Ms Phooltui agreed and, as instructed, sent Rs 17 thousand through online transaction but the furnitures would have to be carried home from Cargo section of the airport. Sahil Kumar also said that he was out of station.

But after the online payment Phooltui Basak failed to contact Sahil Kumar, who apparently provided a fake name, and never got the delivery of the furnitures ordered nor could she have access to airport Cargo.


Having realized that she had been cheated Phooltui Basak tried to contact so-called Sahil Kumar by phone but failed . She then decided to file a complaint with new capital complex police station which will be registered today in the afternoon.

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