Tripura: Eminent doctor convicted for ‘wrong treatment’ and ‘negligence of duty’

Tripura: Eminent doctor convicted for ‘wrong treatment’ and ‘negligence of duty’
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TNT News | Agartala | March 26, 2019

An eminent doctor from Tripura identified as Dr Pratap Sanyal has been convicted for wrong treatment of a journalist's wife. The patient was the wife of one journalist namely Bapi Roy Chowdhury who was a correspondent of Ananda Bazar newspaper.


Bapi Roy Chowdhury had lodged an FIR in the West Agartala Police Station against the doctor in the year 2006.

The FIR stated that as per the advice of Dr. Pratap Sanyal, the victim Shrabani Deb (Roy Chowdhury), wife of the complainant, was admitted at Care and Cure Poly Clinic and Medical Research Centre, Palace Compound Agartala on 07.01.2006 for an operation and after the operation and was discharged after the procedure.


However after 10 days post operation, an abdomen pain was experienced by the patient and she was given further advise by Dr. Pratap Sanyal but no improvement was felt by the patient.

Afterwards the complainant took advice from Dr. Pradip Sarkar and Dr. Pradip Bhowmik and it was discovered that an abnormal extension was noticed in the right lower abdominal wall.

However this report was overruled by Dr
Pratap Sanyal.

Thereafter the complainant consulted Dr. Om Tantia in Kolkata where another operation was conducted by Dr. Om and in which a broken piece of corrugated surgical drain was found in the abdominal wall and it was removed.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) of West District court has convicted the doctor for one year in prison for negligence of duty and wrong treatment.

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