Tripura: CPI lashes out at ruling BJP, says govt is destroying livelihood

Tripura: CPI lashes out at ruling BJP, says govt is destroying livelihood

AGARTALA | Feb 23:

CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat has termed the 23 months long BJP state government 'misrule' and claimed that "people of Tripura will bury this arrogant government through united struggle".

Addressing the 22nd state conference of Tripura Rajya Upajati Ganamukti Parishad (TRUGP) here at Agartala Town Hall today, veteran woman leader of CPI(M) claimed that under the 'political patronization' of the ruling party, a vested section are now trying to destroy the decades long mutual brotherhood and united strength of tribal and non-tribal of Tripura.

She said that 22nd state conferences of GMP are being organized amid toughest political atmosphere of the state as well as entire nation, where people in general are raising their voices against suppression and division politics of ruling party.


She alleged that BJP and RSS are now ruling the country in an authoritarian way, during last six months the people of the country is now raising their voices against religious and division politics of BJP.

Criticizing the pre-poll commitments of ruling BJP-IPFT, Karat claimed that they forget their commitments and instead of welfare of state's people, they now destroying the sources of livelihood.

"The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was formulated for religious division and to destroy secular roots of the country for the political interest of BJP and RSS," said Karat adding that day by day, the BJP and RSS are "attacking the basic structures of constitution."


She reiterated that people of the country will not accept their "autocratic rules" and through united fights, they will desist the popularization politics of ruling classes. She also alleged that BJP are "spreading hatred politics" all over the country.

During the inaugural part of the conference, president of GMP, Jitendra Chaudhury in his address said that they are organizing the 22nd state conference to also mourn the sudden demise of veteran GMP leader Bajuban Reang and they are committed to maintain the interest of the people by fulfilling the dreams of departed leader.

He added, "There is a need to restore the democracy; the GMP will strengthen its movements across the state and continuing their fight against suppression politics of ruling party."

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