Tripura: Congress Prez provides financial assistance to Party’s district, block level committees

Tripura: Congress Prez provides financial assistance to Party’s district, block level committees

AGARTALA | Sept 02, 2019:

Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee president Pradyot Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarma, through his social media handle today evening, made various announcements.

He expressed that after the post poll violence in the state he has personally tried through various resources to help the affected workers, but his help was not adequate enough for everyone.

He also thanked senior leaders like PK Biswas, Smt Laxmi Nag, Nirmalaya Das gupta as well as young workers like Pujan Biswas,Arnika Saha,Kalpana Sinha for coming forward to help the affected workers and in raising funds.

Pradyot added that after being selected as the "youngest" Congress president in the state and the region, he has seen that the party and the organisation is in bad need of new ideas ,faces and participation from the backward communities such as ST/SC,minority and women.

"The congress party needs to restructure the organisation and get out of the clutches of Agartala based leaders who do not spend enough time in the rural and far flung areas . If the Congress Party needs to survive we must respect our workers and the booth level workers much like the communist did for years. However even though Congress party has big leaders but there is no value for the congress workers and I want to change this as much as possible," he said.


He made other announcements and introduced a new scheme where each of the 60 Blocks will get Rs 5000 per month to run their offices.

Each of the districts will also be given a Fixed Amount of Rs 10,000 to oversee their activities every month .

"We all know that this is Rajiv Gandhi's 75 birth anniversary and it would be nice if we hold programmes across the year to remember and acknowledge the contributions made by our former Prime Minister who shared a close bond with Tripura and also signed the historic TNV Accord which gave the Indigenous Tribes 3 extra assembly seats," added the TPCC president.

Debbarma also asserted "the Women are the Backbone of our society and I am aware that till we don't strengthen our women in the state, nothing will prosper. I am proposing an amount of Rs 25,000 every month for the Mahila Congress to function smoothly. The NSUI and Tripura Youth Congress will also be given a stipend of Rs 25,000 and 20,000 every month."

Other Frontals like Adivasi Congress and SC/OBC cell will also be given Rs 15,000 per month.


All these funds will be his personal contribution to the Congress Party as a gesture of appreciation to the party workers who don't work for any group or an individual but for the state and the people.

Debbarma also requested all the district and block committees to immediately set up the bank accounts for transferring the Payments, which will be made respectively from the 1st of August.

"All the announcement made by TPCC president is a very bold step taken to boost the moral of the party cadres and will strengthen the Congress party. This is a one of a kind decision ever taken by any party President in the state," said a senior Congress member.

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