Sikkim: Even Police are working under ‘Goondas’, alleges Chamling

Sikkim: Even Police are working under ‘Goondas’, alleges Chamling

By Nitesh R Pradhan | Gangtok, Oct 18, 2019:

SDF Supremo and former Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling today started his campaign in various parts of the Gangtok constituency interacting with people to drum up support for party candidate R Ongmu.

The by- elections to three assembly constituencies in Sikkim will be held on October 21 and counting on October 24.

Chamling started his campaign from Palzor stadium road and visited many areas of the capital including DPH area, Development Area and MG Marg with many supporters and leaders of the SDF party.

Pawan Chamling on being welcomed in Gangtok

While on a campaign trail he interacted with the media,"I have started the campaign today. We respect the people of the capital. We may be a bit late but our commitment towards the place is the great," he said.

He stated that in his two-day campaign trail, he want to meet as many people as possible and get to know about their problems.

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Adding on, the SDF Supremo said that elections should be taken seriously and people should vote responsibly "as it decides the future of the state".

Shedding light on his interaction with the people, Chamling said that people of the state know him "not just as a leader who steered Sikkim into a developmental process but also as a someone who preserved the unity of Sikkim."

"SDF party will and shall always remain with the people of Sikkim. If the people want to secure Sikkim and Sikkimese, SDF party shall always be ready," he said.

Further, he added that to protect the interest of Sikkim and to secure the interest of the Sikkimese, it is imperative to vote for the SDF party.

When asked about the response he has been getting for his stint as a opposition leader, Chamling said that wherever he goes in Sikkim, people ask him not to leave politics. 

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"They ask me not to leave Sikkimese politics. They say that they feel orphaned in one's own home," he said.

He stated that SKM government has not heen able to fulfill the aspiration of the people of Sikkim which is why people always urge him to be in politics and expects him to return back to the government.

Lashing out at the government, he stated that SKM party has not allowed any other party to campaign in Poklok Kamrang constituency with hired "goondas from outside Sikkim".

"There is no law and order in Sikkim, even the police is working under these goondas" he said.

SDF Supremo has demanded for Presidential rule in Sikkim citing constitutional breakdown in the state, making way for a mid term poll.

He stated that even though the model code of conduct is in place there has been no level playing field for candidates and leaders of other parties and there is a complete breakdown of the constitutional machinery in Sikkim.

Furthermore, SDF Supremo has claimed that if free and fair polls are held in Poklok Kamrang constituency, there is no force that can stop SDF party from winning. He also expressed confidence that SDF party will win in the rest of the two constituencies.

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