Rahul’s effect: Meghalaya’s Ampareen to resign as AICC incharge of Mizoram

Rahul’s effect: Meghalaya’s Ampareen to resign as AICC incharge of Mizoram

SHILLONG | July 03, 2019:

Meghalaya Congress legislator, Dr M Ampareen Lyngdoh on Wednesday decided to tender her resignation from the post of AICC In-charge Mizoram to pave way for the formation of a new team.

Her decision came just hours after AICC president Rahul Gandhi formally quit as party president while taking the responsibility for the loss of the 2019 Lok Sabha election. 

While stating that she was appointed AICC in-charge of Mizoram by Rahul, Ampareen said "it is but fair for me also to tender my resignation and to pave way for the formation of the new team Congress."

"It is something which is to be done and we expect the new president will definitely have a new idea of managing the Congress party and it would be awkward for me as an AICC secretary to continue," she added.

"Having been my role model for so long and he continues to be so, I will take necessary action and submit my resignation to the AICC at the earliest and I hope that we will be able to focus on other areas," said the Congress legislator.

When asked whether her decision to resign from the post was a sign of protest, Ampareen said, "I feel that this is inspiring. I was a part of team Rahul and now that my president is not the president it is automatic for me to tender my resignation to pave way for my president to be able to build his own team".   

"It is just that the congress president has expressed a moral responsibility on the performance of the Congress party as a whole and we have tried to deter him from going ahead with his decision".

 "Various pressure tactics were applied; none of them worked and now it is the next phase," she added.

Ampareen further appreciated Rahul Gandhi's efforts and hard work for the party stating "I place on record my appreciation for Rahul Gandhi who despite having done so much to put things in order couldn't succeed and I guess these shockers were meant to happen and we look forward to the new president of the party to hand hold all of us to go forward with better focus".

She said that the only thing that she takes pride in is that the former Congress president is not abandoning the party as he has few other things in mind and that she would like to join him in building the Congress party from another angle.

Pointing out that it is worrisome to see that the NE region is under this huge uncertainty and it is important to find ways to strengthen the party, Ampareen said, "We have to find out other ways to strengthen the Congress party not just in the state of Meghalaya but across the region".

"I think we can do few other important things other than just occupying the important posts of AICC," she added.

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