Pseudo Jesus confusing the faithful in Nagaland??

Pseudo Jesus confusing the faithful in Nagaland??

KOHIMA | AUGUST 22, 2020:

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has alerted its associated churches to stay away from the teachings of a Chinese cult that Jesus has come back again as a woman named Yang Xiangbin Aka Lightning Deng.

Originated in 1991 in China, the cult has replaced the New Testament into "The Word Appears in the Flesh", and has found its way in the northeast, says NBCC.

" I am writing this with grave concern concerning a cult called the Church of Almighty God from China reportedly making inroads into our land, " NBCC general secretary Rev Dr. Zelhou Keyho alerted.

"We know that they have already entered Nagaland and northeast India. But we are yet to ascertain where and how many of them are here. They are much active on Facebook and WhatsApp. They try to lure people, especially the young ones, " added NBCC youth secretary Vikou Rhi.


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