Police tracks down fake news circulators creating panic in Nagaland
Police tracks down fake news circulators creating panic in Nagaland

KOHIMA | MARCH 21, 2020:

Nagaland Police are trying to detect the people who circulated fake text messages and fake video messages creating more panic and confusion over the pandemic Corona Virus.

The PRO of Nagaland police Manoj Kumar, through a press release informed that during the course of investigation it was found that many people had forwarded the said fake news without verifying its authenticity and more than 30 people who forwarded the fake news were summoned to Cyber Crime Police Station and their statements recorded.

Most of them were from Dimapur and Kohima, while some were from Phek and Wokha, the SP said. After recording their statements, the Police was able to trace the origin of the fake news.

One of the fake news had originated through text message in WhatsApp, circulated by a woman presently residing at PWD Colony in Dimapur, adding that she had composed the text message and sent it to her friends which went viral.

Further, police said that a minor person had created the video of Corona Virus case detection after coming across the said fake news on Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, another fake message about two people being tested positive for COVID-19 confirmed by a certain 'Dr Vese' from a non-existent 'Apolo Hospital' in Dimapur is also being circulated.

The Nagaland Police has appealed to all the individuals, institutions and organizations to avoid using media platforms for dissemination of any information regarding Covid-19 without ascertaining the facts. The SP further advised to rely only on official press release or statements from the Department of Health & Family Welfare and the Government of Nagaland

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