“Police action will not stop us from opposing CAB,” says NESO, Megh NGOs

“Police action will not stop us from opposing CAB,” says NESO, Megh NGOs

SHILLONG | Jan 14, 2019:

With suo moto cases registered against them, the North East Student's Union (NESO) and other Meghalaya NGOs have termed State police actions as "uncalled for" while expressing determination to continue opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

"This police action will not create diversion. We will be steadfast in our conviction," said NESO chairman, Samuel Jyrwa.

Reiterating the organisation's conviction, Jyrwa said the pressure groups are fighting for the rights of the  indigenous people and they will continue fighting come what may.

It may be mentioned that last week, the Meghalaya filed a series of suo moto cases against NESO, KSU, CoHSO, HNYF, HYC and RBYF for violating the High Court order by holding protests and agitational activities.

Meanwhile, president of the Khasi Students' Union (KSU), Lambok Marngar echoed similar views stating that "If loving your own people and having a sense of responsibility for their rights is criminal, I will continue to be a criminal."

"They may register cases, summon us but they will never be able to enslave the spirit of the people who are against the bill," he added.

Similarly, CoHSO chairman, Robertjune Kharjahrin said "We are not going to suspend our agitations because of the suo moto case filed against us, in fact, we are going to intensify our agitations in the days to come."

Challenging the Police's claim of violating the High Court order, Kharjahrin said "In our knowledge, our agitation did not, in any way, violate the HC order because we did not force anyone to stay off the road but all we did was call for support from the general public."

Meanwhile, FKJGP education secretary, Kitboklang Nongphlang said that the place they picked to protest was a public place and pointed out that they did not break any rules since the government did not impose 144 CrPC on that day.

"In our protest, we did not disturb any one nor did we bring traffic to a halt and if the police are to arrest us, why didn't they arrest us on the day of the protest," Nongphlang said.

Referring to Police report that NGO leaders spewed hatred speeches on that day (during the black flag day last week in Khyndai Lad), the FKJGP leader said "We did not spread communal hatred but all we spoke about was the dangers that await us if the bill becomes an act."

"The filing of these suo moto cases are nothing but mere threats, to scare us from protesting any further; but we will not back off because the entire region is united as one for a common cause — protection of the indigenous people of the Northeast," he added.

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