Nagaland: ZSU stages rally in Peren, reaffirms four-point charter of demands

Nagaland: ZSU stages rally in Peren, reaffirms four-point charter of demands

KOHIMA | JUNE 24, 2020:

The Zeliangrong Students' Union, Nagaland (ZSU-N) has expressed dismay over the negative response to their 7-day ultimatum which was served to the State Government on June 10 with a four-point charter of demands.

The ZSU-N and the Kuki Students' Organisation along with other civil society organizations staged a peaceful rally at Jalukie Town, Peren, reaffirming the four-point charter of demands, which was submitted to the Chief Minister.

The ZSU-N also submitted a "reaffirmation of ultimatum" to the Chief Minister through Deputy Commissioner, Peren on June 23.

The peaceful protest rally witnessed hundred of protesters, both young and old citizens of Jalukie town, who came out to voice their demands and to show their resentment, particularly to the June 3 incident where one female COVID-19 patient was sent to Peren district along with other returnees, despite having tested positive for the virus. Many were seen holding banners and placards during the protest.

ZSU-N President, Dithuibo Newmai said that the motive for holding the second round of rally was to show resentment to the "step-motherly" treatment meted towards the people of Peren district.

Newmai said that the State government, through the Peren DC, had conveyed a message, requesting the Union to withdraw its ultimatum, to which, the Union refused to do so. "Seeing the harsh reality hitting us, how can we afford to withdraw our ultimatum at this juncture?" questioned the President. He also said that the plea of the Peren people is very genuine and the State Government should take it into consideration.

He stated that Peren reports the highest number of positive cases in the State and currently, there are 85 active positive cases. He added that the district COVID-19 hospital is a 20-bedded hospital with only basic facilities which are insufficient to treat the patients and thus, the 85 positive individuals are still being kept in the quarantine centres.

Newmai had further expressed disappointment over the "unwillingness" of the ministers, hailing from the district, to hold talks with the Students' Union and other civil organizations.

Reaffirming its earlier four-point charter of demands, the Union has accused the government of sending the virus to Peren district. "The government should compensate the people by bringing all the facilities to the district so that they can tackle the pandemic," Newmai added.

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