Nagaland: Over 1500 people stranded in Chennai to return by special train next week

Nagaland: Over 1500 people stranded in Chennai to return by special train next week

KOHIMA | May 15:

Nagaland Chief Secretary Temjen Toy today informed that the movement of the first batch of citizens stranded outside the state, is expected to start by mid of next week via a special train arranged by the State government.

The first batch of around 1500-1700 people will be coming from Chennai.

Raising concerns, Toy said that the quarantine facility centres may be insufficient for all the people who will be returning to the state.

He said the train service resumption has thrown the state's plan off gear; however, the state is now ready to receive all of them.

"our concern was the quarantine centre capacity & if we have 1700 people coming in special trains & the point to point paid trains, it would create problem for us. We are now ready, the paid trains will keep coming. The special trains will be in a regulated manner so that the quarantine facilities are not overwhelmed" he said.

He pointed out that as per the data, districts like Mon, Peren & Dimapur have the highest number of returnees and these people will be kept in the Dimapur Quarantine Centres whereas those from the remaining districts will be kept in Kohima.

He also added that there will be no segregation of the returnees in zone wise instead all will be considered as Red Zones except for those coming from the Green Zones of North East states.

He maintained that the state is not in a capacity to test all the returnees and only detailed screenings will be done after which they will be quarantined.

A lot of controversies surfaced over the criteria set by the govt to provide the Rs.10,000 assistance only for people who have filled the returnee form.

Toy explained that people have not been honest in the earlier assistance provided by the state as there have been many fraudulent cases and learning from the past experience, they had carried out verification of the 18000 plus people who had registered to come back home and during the exercise, many citizens expressed that they don't want to return but are compelled to as many of them have lost their jobs and have no cash in hand. "But if assistance is provided they are happy to stay back.

"Now that the noise has started we will be taking a call and we will not leave out the distressed people" he said.

He also clarified on the earlier assistance provided by the govt stating that the assistance had not reached to some people because of some issues with the bank.

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