Nagaland Govt bans firing of live rounds in functions, social gatherings

Nagaland Govt bans firing of live rounds in functions, social gatherings

December 24, 2018

Nagaland Government has banned firing of live rounds during marriage celebrations, religious functions or social gatherings.

The Assam Tribune in a report stated that in an order on Sunday, Home Commissioner R Ramakrishnan said firing live rounds while celebrating marriages, religious functions or social gatherings is illegal as per the provisions of the Arms Act. He said failure to comply with the order will result in legal action.

The order also asked all heads of district police establishments to ensure strict compliance and take prompt action against the defaulters.

The government order comes in the wake of killing of a 45-year-old man Wanang Konyak in an accidental firing from the service revolver of a security guard of Mon MLA Thongwang Konyak at Totok Chingnyu village in Mon district in the wee hours on Saturday.

The video of the accidental shooting went viral on social media. It initially showed the MLA firing the service pistol of personal security officer (PSO) in celebratory mood during a function in the house of the Angh (king) of the village. When the pistol got jammed, the MLA handed it over to the PSO.

While the PSO was trying to clear the chamber of the pistol, it went off and the bullet hit the victim who was among the revellers.

The State Government, in another notification issued by home secretary Rovilatuo Mor, banned use of service weapons for any purpose other than those for which they were meant. The government warned that personnel issued with such weapons would be held personally responsible for any aberration.

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