Nagaland | Former CM KL Chishi quits BJP
Nagaland | Former CM KL Chishi quits BJP

KOHIMA, March 8, 2019: Former Nagaland Chief Minister KL Chishi resigned from the BJP on Thursday.

The veteran politician, who had joined the BJP last year, was miffed over the Narendra Modi government's alleged insincerity in solving the protracted "Naga political problem", its bid to get the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, passed in Parliament, unemployment problem and the lack of development in the state.

In his resignation letter sent to Nagaland BJP chief Temjen Imna Along Longkumer, Chishi wrote, "Assurance to solve Naga political issue by the BJP has rather changed into shifting to goalpost as per their convenience with promise of solution within 18 months turning into 'election for solution' and now 'solution after election'. Insincerity and the lack of urgency have greatly harmed the aspirations of the people".

Talking about Citizenship Bill, he said the "brazen attempt to ram through Parliament" despite massive protests in the Northeast had only exposed a particular narrative-driven agenda that is dangerous to the demography of the entire region.

"The flip-flop stand of PDA government in Nagaland on Citizenship Bill has only made matters worse. Moreover, the proposal for extension of ILP under BEFR, 1873 to cover the district of Dimapur lacks a certain political will. The hallowed slogan of the BJP about development has crumbled while youths are facing major job crisis leading to proliferation of anti-social activities," he observed.

"In view of these unaddressed issues that have put the state and its people under grave threat and BJP Nagaland playing second fiddle to nascent party NDPP (ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party), prolonging my association with the BJP has become untenable. I, therefore, submit my resignation from the membership of the BJP with immediate effect," he wrote.

Source: TNIE

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