Naga Talks: Other NE states will be consulted before final settlement is arrived at

Naga Talks: Other NE states will be consulted before final settlement is arrived at

KOHIMA | NOV 1, 2019:

Interlocutor and Nagaland Governor, RN Ravi has stated that the NSCN IM has come on board after continuous meetings between the two ended yesterday on a 'positive note', sources said.

Ravi has said that the NSCN IM has come on board while adding that the final accord has not been finalised yet and that matters are under discussion, media reports stated.

However, the outcome of the meetings is yet to be made known by the centre even as top sources from the NSCN IM informed that the Centre has agreed to demand on use of Naga flag but with conditions.

It was informed that the Naga Flag will be use only in Naga homeland for cultural identities and only for non governmental programme.

The demand for separate constitution will, however, be taken up at a later date.

Meanwhile, the Centre has made it very clear that the final settlement will be inked only after consultations with neighbouring states of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

Yesterday, the Centre has rejected rumours of final Naga settlement being arrived at stating that these information are incorrect adding that before any settlement is arrived at with Naga groups, all stakeholders including the above mentioned northeastern states will be duly consulted and their concerns will be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, the Working Committee of the NNPG, in an issue released on Thursday said NNPGs appreciates the understanding arrived at between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM).

The WC, NNPG believes that the NSCN(IM) leadership has opted for peace and adopted a practical and realistic approach in arriving at a conclusion of negotiations by acceptance the reality time.

In the course negotiations between WC and the GOI, the latter had also endorsed the usage of Naga emblem/flag specifically for cultural identity within Naga homeland. The Naga flag is a political symbol and cannot be confined to socio-cultural activities. Therefore, together in one voice, Nagas would pursue it politically and democratically. The flag, since the dawn of Naga political consciousness, has ever been an expression of our political identity and aspirations.

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