MUSIC | Shillong’s Maxter Warjri to release new single soon

MUSIC | Shillong’s Maxter Warjri to release new single soon

MUSIC | June 02, 2019:

One of the members of the popular Khasi band called Na La Rympei, Maxter Warjri and Ellerine Diengdoh in collaboration with Mix flow productions will be releasing their new single — "A Ballad for you".

"A Ballad for you" has all the elements of what good music should look like.

The picturesque blend of music and visual artistry is polished to let the eyes meet the ears.

Some of you might be wondering and question, "Why this new shift from Khasi music to the western music?" It is not because he is following the crowd, but because he seeks to cement his legacy and expose the richness of the Khasi music more vividly than it has ever been done before. Maxter Warjri is a blessed bilingual singer. This gives him an edge to promote one using the other when one has exhausted it's potential.

Na Rympei and it's beautiful lyrical Khasi songs has achieved what it can achieve in the contemporary Khasi scene. It has also made it's mark as far as it could globally.

"A Ballad for you" with it's brilliance, is a refreshing new start adorned with a brand new look to not erase the old, but to make it even more relevant in the many years to come. Unlike the phase, curiosity is what will sustain the old from diminishing.

Rabindra Nath Tagore once said, "Imbibe from the West, but do not forget your own" and that is exactly what Mr. Warjri is upto. He is on a mission. Before passing on the baton, he is setting the stage right, so that while the current generation is moving forward to lock horns with the artists of the world, they will not forget to embrace the rich culture of our own.

Maxter Warjri has not abandoned the Khasi music. There are several new projects that he is currently engaged in, including one with politician and poet, Paul Lyngdoh.

"A Ballad for you" is ought to be released in about two weeks from now. In the meantime, let's have a glimpse of a short teaser.

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