Shillong band ‘Rum and Monkeys’ – A Perfect example of Diversity

Shillong band ‘Rum and Monkeys’ – A Perfect example of Diversity

FEATURES | Sept 22, 2019:

Bestowed with maturity beyond age, Rum and Monkeys is the perfect band that packs a punch. Driven by the motto 'Hard work beats Talent', the young indie band from Shillong is paving their humble way to the music industry, performing at different events in expanding their horizon.

Beautifully diversified, the band members belong to different states of the Northeast with different cultures and tradition — a flawless example of diversity.

Here is an exclusive interview of Rum and Monkeys with TNT-The Northeast Today.    

TNT: Hello guys, when did Rum andMonkeys started? What is the signification behind the name of the band?

RM: Hello, Rum and Monkeys started in early 2018. Our band name was derived from the British word 'Rum' meaning peculiarity and 'Monkeys' signify being carefree. All of us are so young and cheery, so we thought of coming up with a unique captivating name that leaves some people in a perplexed state. To those who are not familiar with the name, it implies a good humour.

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TNT: How about introducing themembers of the band to our readers?

RM: Our band consists of five members – Atom (Vocals/Rhyth Guitar), Daniel (Lead guitarist), Anon (Synth/Keyboardist), Thot (Drumner) and Bindu (Bassist).

TNT: What is your main genre andinspiration?

RM:Well! Our main genre is experimental indie rock. Since we come from differentmusical background, the amalgamation of the difference in our genre inspires usto creation of our own taste in music, resulting in a perfect blend.           

TNT: Can you tell us the uniquenessof the band?

RM: Our band is beautifully diversified. We come from cultures and states from the North-Eastern region. It is our roots and soulful passion for music that binds us together in unison. Besides, since our present stature is still at a young stage, by choice, all the band members chose to be free from intoxication including drinking and smoking which can hamper our health.

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TNT: Tell us about your EP's and upcoming projects.

RM: Our first single 'Back Again' was released in the mid of this year. In the meantime, we are working on our music video set to be released in the fall. Our first album is on the way, targeted to be released in the early 2020. We are also tied up with ample of events and programmes, so it has been quite a journey.

TNT: How often do you jam and howdo you spend your leisure?

RM: We do jam regularly, once or twice a week. In times of recordings as well as the respectful invitations we received for events and concerts, we work to the utmost. Though we like to proceed in a mild manner, giving our best in whatever we provide.

Two members are still in college. Others are venturing to gain new experiences in our own way, attaining unconventional inspiration to contribute new chapters in our music            


TNT: Being young, how do you face your challenges?

RM: In spite of being young, we take challengesas an opportunity. If there are any conflicts to be dealt with, we worktogether as a team, maintaining a family ambience. Team work is the factor thatbinds us together.       

TNT: Give your take on the indie musicin Northeast India?

RM:Indie music has inspired umpteen of the youth. The music speaks more throughthe mind and soul, giving chills to the spine. Many indie fans can relate themusic in reality, through different circumstances and experiences. Northeasthas plethora of talent as music is the key inspiration in our region. There areamazing bands who have paved the way in this genre and many more will flourish.

TNT: We wish you the very best foryour future ventures.

RM:Thank you so much

(C. Lalrinfela is a Feature writer and intern at TNT-The Northeast Today)              


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