Meghalaya ‘Unrepresented tribes’ issue: Dont create communal tension, NGOs tell LRO, MLA
Meghalaya ‘Unrepresented tribes’ issue: Dont create communal tension, NGOs tell LRO, MLA

TURA | OCT 18, 2019:

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) and former MLA, KC Boro have been criticized by various NGOs from Garo hills including GSU, FKJGP, ADE and AYWO. The NGOs had slammed the LRO and MLA calling their actions as an attempt at sowing public dissension over the matter between communities and the alleged politicizing the issue for personal gains and publicity.

"They are incessantly harping about the term 'unrepresented tribes' and inclusion of it in the 6th Schedule. Do they understand what the meaning of unrepresented tribe is? Their lies can be gauged from the fact that Hajongs, Rabhas and Kochs have been MLAs and MDCs. There is no restriction whatsoever on their participation in the assembly and district council elections till date," said the conglomeration of NGOs.

Hitting out at the former Tikrikilla MLA, KC Boro, the NGOs stated that the leader himself was a former MLA but talks of himself as unrepresented which they believed could be ignorance or a blatant lie. The same according to them was for the LRO as well.

The NGOs stated that the attempt of Boro was at resuscitating his flagging political career.

"Who are KC Boro and LRO to seek a stop to the amendments to the 6th Schedule that is a near conclusion of a series of meetings with the Central Government started by ANVC's tripartite agreement," they asked.

The NGOs added that the major tribe of Meghalaya welcomed the amendment which will have better provisions to protect and safeguard the indigenous peoples of the state.

"What 'exclusion' of the minority Hindu tribes from the 6th Schedule" is the LRO randomly sprouting? Are the members of LRO residing on the moon? Are they blind to the fact that there have been numerous MDCs from Hajongs, Rabhas and Koch tribes? Let KC Boro try and divide Garo Hills the Garos will give him a befitting reply and will educate him about the importance of Garo Hills to the Garo people," added the NGOs.

The NGOs added that it the former leader wanted the Rabhas, Hajongs, Kochs and others to be nominated in the GHADC as unrepresented tribes to the Council, then they should not participate in the Council elections as voters and candidates.

"One must not claim nomination rights as unrepresented tribes on the one hand and then become elected MDCs on the other hand," they added while vowing to fight against such unjust claims and demands.

The NGOs further invited the tribes mentioned to join them to fight unitedly against such divisive forces that aim to derail the peaceful co-existence of communities while warning that mature steps by Garos should not be counted as a sign of weakness.

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