Meghalaya press fraternity demands ‘unconditional’ apology from James Sangma

Meghalaya press fraternity demands ‘unconditional’ apology from James Sangma

SHILLONG | Jan 07:

The press fraternity of Meghalaya today submitted a letter to Home Minister, James PK Sangma demanding an 'unconditional apology' for his 'unwanted' behaviour towards the members of the fourth estate in the state secretariat on the January 6.

The press fraternity took the decision to write to the Home Minister in its meeting held at Shillong Press Club today.  The
press fraternity also condemned the uncalled move of the minister to 'disrespect' the media persons who were waiting outside his chamber for close to 3 hours to seek answers on several questions currently being raised by the public. 

On January 6, Meghalaya Home Minister, James PK Sangma refused to talk to a group of journalists even as he accused a senior journalist of blocking his way. This led to an argument between the duo which was only settled after the minister's guards and other press people calmed them down.

"Sir, your unwanted behavior which is all recorded on video camera was shocking and unprecedented for the press people who have been in the field for many years," the press fraternity stated in a letter address to Home Minister.

The press fraternity also demanded an unconditional apology for his act of humiliating the press and threatening violence against a senior member of the fraternity, who only sought to shake hands and to ask some questions.

"We have tried to meet you many times individually and as a group but you have remained elusive for reasons best known to you," read the letter.

Furthermore, the media fraternity stated that since it was not possible for the media persons to meet the minister, it was decided that a list of questions was sent to the Home Minister which requires his urgent answers for the enlightenment of the citizens of the state, who are in the dark about these important issues.

It may be mentioned the press fraternity, in its meeting, also decided to write to Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma to brief him on the sequence of yesterday's incident.

The press fraternity is also likely to suggest to the Chief Minister to appoint a Government spokesperson who can brief the media persons on behalf of the Government. At the same time, the press fraternity is also likely to suggest the appointment of a spokesperson in the Home (Police) department since the information from the police is not forthcoming.  

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