Meghalaya: Once you enter the state, you will not be allowed to leave, CM tells stranded people

Meghalaya: Once you enter the state, you will not be allowed to leave, CM tells stranded people
Meghalaya CM, Conrad K Sangma

Shillong, May 04:

Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma has said that the people who want to come back to the State will not be able to return to the place they have come from, anytime soon.

"We want to send a clear message that for those who desire to come back to the State, it will not be possible for them to go back to the place from where they have come from. They should understand that it is not going to be a "to and fro" movement. Those are planning to come back to the state must be prepared to come for a medium or long term basis," Sangma told reporters here today.

Making it very clear that there will not be any provision for people to go back once they have entered the State, Meghalaya Chief Minister said that if they desire to stay then it would be better for them to stay back in the current location where they are stranded.

Informing that the students and people who are working outside will start returning from Tuesday, Sangma said that the Government would like to focus on those who are stranded within the North Eastern States during the first phase.

"We would like to finish the phase of those from the Northeast then we will be looking to reach out to those who are stranded outside the region," Sangma said.

According to him, the Government has received a lot of requests from a number of students and citizens who are working in different parts of the country.

He said that they would also like to come back at their own expenditure. "Of course we also understand about the difficulties they are facing. It may not be fair by allowing people from only one or two location outside the region to comeback phase. The same yardstick has to apply to everybody," Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

Stating that if they allow people to come back from one location outside the region, Sangma said that the Government will have to allow everybody else who wants to come back at their own expenditure.

"We are urging all those students and workers who are stranded in other parts of the country to have some patience. We will be reaching out to them once we are done with those who are stranded in the various North Eastern States," Sangma said.

Informing that there are 2098 people from various parts of the region, who have so far registered, he said that there are about 1600 of them only from Assam.

"We are expecting that the numbers would go up since registration is still open. We do expect that even those who might not be able to register will still try to come in," he said.


According to him, the Government is allowing those who can manage on their own to return to the State.

"The Government is also arranging transportation for those who are not able to manage on their own. We are working in close coordination with the State Governments of the various States of the region im arranging the transportation of bringing our people back," Sangma said.

On the review meeting at Shillong Civil Hospital, Meghalaya Chief Minister said that the review meeting was basically to oversee how things have gone in the past weeks.

"We have to be prepared to handle any kind of situation until vaccine for COVID-19 comes out," Sangma said.

He also observed that one of the bigger challenges which the doctors and health workers would have to prepare is when the people who are stranded in various parts of the country start coming in.

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