Meghalaya: ILP not only mechanism to deal with influx, says Conrad

Meghalaya: ILP not only mechanism to deal with influx, says Conrad

SHILLONG | Oct 25, 2019:

Asserting that Inner Line Permit (ILP) is only one of the mechanisms to deal with the problem of influx, Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today said that the State Government is trying to put in a system which would protect and safeguard the interest of the State and its people.

"I am repeating that ILP is only one of the mechanisms. But it is not the only mechanism to deal with the problem of influx and illegal immigration. We need to understand that there are different legislations which empower the State to create those laws to deal with this problem," Sangma said while replying to a question on the demand of a section of the NGOs that ILP should be implemented in the state.

He said that the Government would like to put in place a system where the consent of the Centre would not be necessary. "I think keeping it in the state and trying to achieve the goal would be a much simpler solution. Yes we are with them in terms of the objective but the way we will do it is something which should be discussed and formulating laws that will achieve the same goal at the end of the day. We will be able to achieve it and at the same time we would be able to do it in a much simpler way," Meghalaya CM said.

On the demand of CoMSO that the provision of ILP should be included in MRSSA, he said that to safeguard the interest of the people there is a need to come up with a law which achieves those goals.

"At the same time while keeping the constitutional mandate in mind, we need to keep the entire aspect of the economic activity which goes around acts like these including tourism and other economic activity," Sangma said.

Meghalaya Chief Minister further added that they are trying to balance all these three aspects – achieving our goal, keeping the constitution in mind and ensuring economic activity also continues.

"So balancing all these three things we are coming out with amendments to achieve all the three," Sangma added.


Amendment of the MRS&SA, 2016

Meanwhile, he also informed that the Cabinet today discussed the amendments to the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act, 2016.

"We discussed in details on many of the amendments that were proposed. We felt the needs to incorporate those changes in this new amended Act. The matter will again be brought back in the next cabinet after incorporating the necessary changes. It was then that we would finalise on the MRSSA, 2016," Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

Citizenship Amendment Bill

On the issue of CAB, he said that the stand of the Government from day one that the legislation like the CAB needs a lot of consultation.

"Discussion and deliberation on the CAB should be held even at the level of the Centre. I had mentioned this to the Union Home Minister (Amit Shah). He (Union Home Minister) has agreed that he will be meeting different organisations and he is ready to consult and ready to talk to different organizations and political parties and discuss on the CAB," he said.

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