Meghalaya: Garo Hills-based NGOs object to alleged privatization of upcoming PHC

Meghalaya: Garo Hills-based NGOs object to alleged privatization of upcoming PHC

TURA | JUNE 24, 2020: 

The NGOs of the Jengjal area under the Dadenggre Civil Sub Division in West Garo Hills (WGH) district of Meghalaya have objected to the alleged move of the government to privatize the upcoming Public Health centre (PHC) that is yet to be inaugurated despite completion.

The NGOs, including the GSU, GSMC, ADE, FKJGP, AHAM, AYWO along with the residents, have hit out at the government over the delay in the inauguration of the PHC despite the building being completed several years ago.

Furthermore, the alleged attempt by the government to give the hospital to a private operator has fuelled the anger of the people.

"We have served several memorandums to the government requesting for its inauguration, all of which have been in vain. Now we have come to know that the PHC is being handed over to the Nursing Home Centre run by the SDA Church Mission," said AD Sangma, a member of the NGOs.


The NGOs felt that the privatization of the hospital would cause great inconvenience to the people of the area concerning obtaining birth certificates, school certificates, death certificates as well as higher rates of hospital fees for treatment.

"We are thankful to the government for bringing the PHC to the area but it should function under the government as it is supposed to. We are strongly opposed to a private party running it. If it cannot be a full-fledged government-run PHC, then it should be made semi-government and the private partner involved should be a government recognized one," the organizations added.

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