Meghalaya: DSP (Traffic) apologises before Privileges Committee
Meghalaya: DSP (Traffic) apologises before Privileges Committee

SHILLONG | Sept 06, 2019:

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Walsall M. Momin today submitted the apology letter before the members of the Privileges Committee of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

The DSP (Traffic) was told to read out the apology letter before handing over the same to the committee. 

"I want to state that I had no intention to hurt the sentiments of anybody during the discharge of my lawful duties. But in the process if I have used words that might have affected the MLA of Rambra-Jyrngam, Kimfa S. Marbaniang during my encounter with him on August 07 last,  I hereby tender my apology to the house and to the MLA in particular," Momin stated in the letter submitted to the committee.

Meanwhile, Privileges Committee chairman, Saleng A Sangma said that the committee has accepted the letter of apology submitted by the DSP (Traffic).

"This case is a close chapter since the police officer admitted that he might have misbehaved. The police officer might have made some unpleasant comments on the MLA since the traffic police are working under extreme pressure," Sangma said

Taking strong exception to the reaction of former Home Minister, RG Lyngdoh, he said that it is not expected on the part of the former MLA to question the committee.

"He (RG Lyngdoh) was also the former Home Minister so he should know the relevance of the committee. How can he say that the privilege is outdated," Privilege Committee chairman said.

He insisted that the MLAs are not taking advantage of the privilege committee.  "I want to make it very clear that we are not above the law. The committee has to react if it receives any complaint. This committee will not look at the privilege of the MLAs but even the privilege concerning the general public," Sangma said.

When asked if they would write to the Government to seek clarity on who should use or not use the tinted glass, he said that this is not the mandate of the committee.

When asked if the Privileges Committee has set a bad precedence by asking the police to apologise for allegedly misbehaving with the concern MLA, he said that he does not feel they have set a wrong precedence since the police had accepted that he might have misbehaved.

To a question if this action on the part of the committee will affect the morality of the police force, he said that this is an isolated case about the police officer being summoned on the complaint of misbehaving with the MLA. "Therefore, the question of affecting the morality of the whole police force does not arise," he said.

When apprised on the reaction of the general public, who view the steps taken by the committee in a different way, he said that the committee is not here to answer the critics of everybody. "We are here to set things right," Sangma added.

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