Meghalaya: Democracy not in danger – CM Conrad Sangma

Meghalaya: Democracy not in danger – CM Conrad Sangma

TURA | April 11, 2019:

After a bitter-sweet campaign, chief minister, Conrad Sangma today remarked that democracy is not in danger as claimed by the Opposition and stated that the election process itself was testimony to this fact.

"There is no threat to our democracy and the entire process of election is democratic," Conrad told reporters after he and his sister and Tura MP candidate, Agatha Sangma cast their votes in Walbagre Polling Station in Tura today morning.

Both he and his party's candidate appeared very confident of a win when counting is completed on May 23.

"The past government was chosen democratically as is the process now. I don't see any reason why the opposition has to bring out such slogans. Every election process is a part of democracy and has been happening in a free and fair manner. Whoever the public desires to run the country, will do so," said Conrad.

Speaking on their chances, the CM said, "We cannot take any opponent lightly and we have worked hard as has the opposition. In general the response to our campaign has been positive. We are very confident that we will come out successful in this election. Let's see what happens on May 23," he added.

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